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The Crocker Animal Clinic was originally established in September 1990 by Drs. Daniel and Roni Crocker. Their vision was to build a facility that could provide state-of-the-art health care and services for both large and small animal patients and to become a permanent establishment in our community.

In 1992 we hired our first associate, Dr. Lloyd Elliott. Dr. Elliott became a partner in July 1997. Crocker Animal Hospital LLP became our established name at that time. Dr. Karen Reesor became a partner in April 2003, Dr. Amy Wyatt Gant in February 2009, Dr. Jaclyn Waddell and Dr. Claire Crocker in January 2021.

Since inception, our goals have remained focused on growth, continued addition of services for our clients, and providing a learning environment for our staff. In August 1999 we opened Crocker Animal Hospital LLP at Scottsville, Kentucky. This facility serves as a fully functional and equipped satellite for our main hospital. Crocker Animal Hospital LLP Large Animal (affectionately called “the Rancho”) is a new facility opened in April 2003 to better serve our large animal patients and owners and to provide a center of community service to our clients.

Growth and service will continue to be a part of our future and well as part of our history.