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Professional grooming isn’t just about the appearance of your pet. Good pet hygiene can help your cat or dog feel more comfortable. It can also help with early identification of parasites, such as fleas or ticks, or any skin- or coat-related medical conditions or diseases. During grooming, if our groomer does notice any abnormalities or other issues, we will inform you immediately and schedule a medical appointment if necessary.

We offer the following services:

Bath and Nails

Includes bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed, nail trim, 15-minute brushing, and scented spritz.

Hygiene Cut

Includes bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed, nail trim, 15-minute brushing, sanitary area shaved, feet shaved/trimmed, face trimmed, and scented spritz.

Full Groom

Includes bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed nail trim, full customized haircut and scented spritz.

Grooming Staff

Ashley Edgcombe

Ashley was born and raised in Flint, MI and has had a huge love for animals of all kinds her entire life. She started off just bathing dogs and quickly wanted to learn more. When she had the opportunity to become a professional dog groomer, she knew it was going to be the right career path. She has officially been grooming for 13 years. “Grooming has become my passion and a big part of who I am today. I enjoy grooming all different types of dog breeds; one of my favorites is the Pomeranian.” In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and competing with her German Shepherd Vada, in dog sports such as Schutzhund, Dock Diving, Rally, and obedience.

Virginia Geiske

Virginia was born in Lexington, KY. She lived in many different states growing up. Her family always had several animals of all species growing up. Working with animals was something she knew she wanted to do from a young age. Her “animal career” started when she became an employee at Crocker Animal Hospital. She started out as a kennel assistant and worked her way up to a veterinary assistant. Virginia was introduced to grooming in 2012 and has been working as a professional groomer since then. “Haircuts and baths are always entertaining with the many breeds of dogs and cats I get to groom. I love grooming and am always excited when a new pet comes in for the first time!” In her spare time Virginia enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, hiking with family and spending time with her chihuahua Roscoe, her coonhound Bubby, and 3 cats (Tiger, Simon and Wilber).