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There are times when your pet needs to stay away from home due to vacation, family demands or pet illness. In any case, we offer clean, bright, well-supervised care for your special pet. For the “vacationing” boarder, we provide exercise service and human contact time, as well as bathing as needed or requested. All our boarders go outside three times daily and provided clean blankets to keep them comfortable.

All guests have a bowl of fresh water at all times. Your pet is fed once or twice daily depending on your preference. We feed a palatable and easy to digest dry food in the kennel. We often offer canned food to any pet not eating well. You are also welcome to bring your pet’s food from home for us to feed if he/she is on a special diet that doesn’t need to be changed. As a veterinary hospital we are able to give pet medications or necessary interventions for animals that require it during their stay.

All pets that will be boarding are required to provide proof of current vaccines before coming in to board. Some pets may also be required to have a “meet and greet” to ensure they are comfortable staying. Please allow extra check-in time for our diabetic pets and pets with special needs and/or medications.

We believe your pets should be treated as if they were our own, so we may spoil them a bit…. after all, we know they may be missing their family!